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Process Overview

RRA Process Guidelines Checklist

_____ Redeveloper submits proposal to RRA
_____ RRA approves the concept of the development
RRA Board designates redeveloper and submits a sample contract to the redeveloper
RRA submits Redeveloper's Statement for Public Disclosure (as required)
_____ Redeveloper returns completed statements to the RRA (as required)
_____ RRA Board proclaims sales price based on appraisals
_____ Redeveloper submits schematic plans to RRA
Planning Commission approves schematic plans.
RRA Board approves schematic plans.
_____ Redeveloper submits preliminary plans to RRA
Planning commission approves preliminary plans.
RRA Board approves preliminary plans.
_____ Redeveloper submits final plans for review
RRA Board approves final plans.
RRA submits proposed contract to the DCED (as necessary)
Staff submits proposed contact to Mayor and Council for approval.
Staff submits final contract to Redeveloper for execution
_____ Redeveloper returns executed contract to RRA with required deposits.
_____ RRA prepares Deed.
_____ Redeveloper and RRA agree on a settlement date.
_____ Redeveloper submits required wage bond prior to groundbreaking (as required).
_____ Redeveloper obtains building and other required permits from the City and State prior to groundbreaking.
_____ Redeveloper commences construction.
_____ Staff conducts wage rate compliance functions (as required).
_____ Redeveloper requests inspection of completed construction.
_____ Staff conducts inspection of the development.
_____ RRA Board approves the issuance of a Certificate of Completion.
_____ RRA returns security deposit (if required) with executed Certificate of Completion.

BPRC Process Guidelines Checklist

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