Building a vibrant community is a collaborative effort, and we partner with many local city and county government offices, Pennsylvania state agencies, area non-profits, and community groups. Our focus is to seek out and support economic development activities as well as to help businesses get the capital they need to invest and expand in the city.

We can assist with obtaining low-interest, fixed-rate loans, loan guarantees, tax incentives, and creative financing packages to bridge the gaps and increase access to capital for small and mid-size businesses. We offer customized real estate development services to act as a catalyst for new investments in areas where such economic activity otherwise would not occur. And we also have the ability to make customized training grants available to entrepreneurs who create jobs within the city.

Whether you are a resident, business owner or developer, we're working for you and the collective community.
Available Properties
RiverView Industrial Park RiverView Industrial Park - 50 Acres
1 Berkshire Place
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State Parking Lot
644 Penn Street
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Rental Availability
Bookbindery Apartments
148-150 N 4th Street
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City of Reading MVA
A tool successfully used by other cities, the Market Value Analysis (MVA) pinpoints areas in desperate need of redevelopment.

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Current Projects
Greening Penn St - EPA
The goal of "Greening Reading's Penn Street Corridor" is to develop an innovative and implementable vision for a distinctive and ecologically functional streetscape which incorporates green infrastructure within the context of place.
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Reading Skatepark
City officials announced plans for a concrete skatepark on about 30,000 square feet of open space along Riverfront Drive.
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In The News
June 22, 2017
Reading Redevelopment Authority meets with skate park designer to discuss plans for park

April 26, 2017
Reading backs effort to build skatepark near RACC

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